It all starts with people.
We’re reimagining how pet care works.
Come with us.

Our values

What matters to us.
We live by our values, and they act as a compass while on our mission. To make the lives of animals better by creating a place that's better for everyone to love and care for them.

Be curious
Never settle
Be impeccable with your word
Start with love
"I started Pickles from my own experience. I was desperate to give my dog the best care I could. Unfortunately, he didn't have the best luck in life, we had to visit our vet a lot. I could see the current veterinary care system was broken. Not only for me but also for the care professionals trying to do their best. Sadly he passed away too early but I vowed to build a place that would be the very best place for veterinary professionals to work and for people to go. We called it Pickles in memory of him." Richard W - Co-Founder and CEO 
"Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of how much of an impact great veterinary care can make on the lives of our patients and their owners. When time is limited It is easy to concentrate on the clinical aspects of our job, and to forget to care. Our compassion is our strength. Pet owners are awesome and most are just desperate to do the right thing. We need to empower them to have the confidence and tools to give their pets the best life possible and have life changing relationships"  Dr. Andrew F - Co-Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer

That Fuzzy Feeling