Should I let my dog sleep with me?

Some people can’t imagine anything worse than sharing a bed with a dog, yet for others, it’s the perfect way to spend the night. When it comes to deciding where your dog should sleep and if you should allow your dog to sleep with you then it can be a tricky decision. There are reasons both for and against, but ultimately it is totally down to you and how you feel and it’s your choice. So, let’s look at these pros and cons, and then you can decide if you’re going to snuggle up with your pooch or banish them to their own bed.

They are lovely and warm

If you get cold at night and love someone or something to cuddle up to, then you can forget a hot water bottle, dogs are the best snuggly sleeping companions you can get and then can keep you warm all night long, as long as they don’t wander off in the middle of the night.

It can help you relax

Yes, that’s right, having your dog in your bed can help you to relax and this isn’t just because you feel safe and happy with them there but their little snores and the rhythmic sound of their breathing, and heartbeat can actually lower your heart rate and generally give you a better sleep. Also, just stroking your dog boosts your brain’s share of oxytocin which is the feel-good chemical so if you’re sleeping with them then you’re going to get a good dose of it so you’re bound to feel happy.

Sleeping together strengthens your bond

It probably won’t come as any surprise to you that if you cuddle up with your dog at night you’re going to have a stronger bond with them.

You’ll Feel safe

Even if your pup is a bit of a wuss, just having them there and able to alert you to any noises or particularly any danger will help you to sleep better because you know they’re there.

Your dog loves it too

Your dog loves being warm and snug and most importantly dogs love to be with their owners, so letting them sleep with you will make your dog happy too.

All sounds fabulous, right? Well, there are some downsides to letting your doggo sleep with you, so before you make your decision you might want to read these.

can sleep through the night without needing a potty break.

He's neither so tiny that you might accidentally harm him nor so huge that he might accidentally harm you.

Disturbed Sleep

If your dog moves around a lot, snores loudly, or wakes up in the night and wants to scratch, stretch or dig - or worse, wake you up for a play, then you could be in for a long night. Even dogs who can sleep through the night without needing to go out for a wee, still like to get up in the night, have a wander, patrol the house or maybe have a drink, so if this is going to disturb you then you may want to rethink your sleeping arrangements.

It could cause relationship issues

If you’re choosing the dog over your partner or your dog loves to get in between the two of you and put a stop to any hanky-panky, then this could be an issue when it comes to intimacy in your relationship.

Your dog might become aggressive

It has been known for some dogs who sleep in the bed to then start to see it as part of their territory and become protective over it. This could lead to signs of aggression.

Can you cope with a bit of slobber?

Some dogs drool and just like humans they can do this when they’re enjoying a lovely deep sleep. If you are okay with waking up to a wet patch on your pillow or in your bed then go ahead and let your dog sleep with you, but if this is going to be a problem, then you might want to think again.

As mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong and the choice is yours as it depends on you, your dog, and your situation. But if you want to let your dog sleep with you, then don’t feel bad about it, just enjoy the snuggles.