How to find the right bed for your dog.

What size bed does your dog need?

Make sure you choose the right size bed for your dog so that they have plenty of room for all their wriggling. If you're not sure, then you can measure your dog to see what surface area they need. If in doubt, size up.

What shape will your dog like?

Just like dogs come in all shapes and sizes, dog beds do too. Round beds with a side are great for when your dog wants to curl up and are good to keep your dog warm and protected them from any draughts.  

Mattress beds are ideal for if your dog loves to lie flat, and these can be better in the summer when your dog may want to stay cooler. It's also a good idea to choose a rectangular bed when your dog is showing signs of ageing, as curling up may no longer be comfortable for them.

It's always good to have choices, so if your dog likes to wriggle around, loves being in a ball, but equally enjoys sprawling out, then treat them to both a rectangular and a round dog bed.

What should the material be?

Dog beds come in different materials too; these include spun-polyester fill, which is soft and cozy, hypoallergenic, and appropriate for most dogs without special needs. Then there's memory foam, which is best for dogs with orthopedic problems, but any dog who needs extra support will benefit from this. Memory foam also helps maintain your dog's temperature, keeping them from overheating. You can also get waterproof or water-resistant beds if you need them, which are great for pets who love swimming and getting muddy outside, or if you want a dog bed that you can take outside with you.

Ultimately you want to make sure that your dog's bed is sufficiently padded and made from a comfortable material and is easily washable.

Here are some of our favourite dog beds at the moment

Danube - Eco Dog Bed (Nest)

Project Blu is one of our favourite pet brands at the moment. Their classy, high quality, beautiful beds are made out of sea plastic and are amazing! Yes, they really are made out of sea plastic! You'd think they would be hard or rough but the clever people at Project Blu have made an amazing soft bed for your pooch.

The Danube - Eco Dog Bed (Nest) comes in at a very resonable - £44.99

Barbour Wax/Cotton Dog Bed

For the classic country pup you can't go too far wrong with the Barbour Wax/Cotton dog bed. Offering superb comfort and practicality, it's designed with high sides to keep your canine companion cosy and secure, plus a dropped front for easy access. Barbour has exteded its range of dog products so there is much more to be found online.

Barbour Wax/Cotton Dog Bed - £59.95

Bolster Dog Bed Grey Vichy

For the dog with an eye for style and a taste for luxury, the Mungo & Maud Bolster Dog Bed takes napping to a whole new level. The Bolster Dog Bed ensconces your dog in luxe padded cotton, and boasts four bolsters for extra comfort. Made from cotton fabrics designed exclusively by Mungo & Maud, look out for the contrast colour stitching. This bed is right at home in your kitchen of your palatial manor in the country.

Bolster Dog Bed Grey Vichy- £155 upwards

The Balmoral

If you ever wanted to have a matching Chesterfield with your pup look no further. Scott's of London make The Balmoral which has roll-top cushioned arms for luxury comfort and head support for your Pup. The Balmoral has deep recessed buttons for extra luxury and support. Every bed is handcrafted and custom built to your requirements.

The Balmoral - £329  upwards

Dog Bed

The straight to the point Dog Bed by Casper is the perfect bed for any Pup that is keen for some real lumber support! Engineered by the same team behind the Casper mattress, their durable dog bed is a perfect sleep environment.

Dog Bed by Casper- £135